Ivey vs Negreanu: Mind Games

3 years ago
Phil Ivey vs Daniel Negreanu: Mind Games
03 Mar

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Between them, Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey have won more than $56 million in live tournament action.

But surprisingly, the pair had never faced each other heads-up in a televised event prior to the second season of PokerStars Shark Cage in 2015. When Maria Ho was eliminated in third place from a six-player Sit & Go in the season's final episode, a dream heads-up contest between Ivey and Negreanu was on.

At stake was a $1 million winner-take-all prize, with both poker superstars relishing the opportunity to add a seven-figure payday to their respective bankrolls. The duo had been opponents at poker tables countless times previously, with each knowing full well the tendencies and style of the other.

Hand Analysis

Negreanu breaks down the action in a short six-minute YouTube video that finds him ahead with 3,200,000 in chips to the 2,800,000 for the Tiger Woods of Poker.

He calls a lot of three-bets," DNegs said of his long-time friend and rival, "and he's tough to move off the flop."

The mind games between two of poker's all-time best ensue, as friendly banter is mixed in with some verbal needling from both ends of the table. KidPoker mentions Ivey's propensity to fight for pots, especially on a paired board.

Familiarity Breeds...

"I know my man," Negreanu says of the 10-time WSOP champ, as he lays out his plan on the best way to play the hand, determining after the flop that he likely has the lead.

But Ivey manages to connect with the turn card, putting in a good-sized bet after KidPoker checks. The Poker Hall of Famer is not going to deviate from his plan, sticking to his commitment of seeing the hand through because he knows Ivey is capable of firing off bets on every street, sometimes with nothing in the hole.

How will the hand and match end? Does Daniel have the correct read on his poker buddy? Which one of these stars of poker will go home with the $1 million prize? Watch and see.

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