Jaime Staples Stressed Out Over Weight Loss Prop Bet

2 years ago
Jaime Staples Stressed Out Over Weight Loss Prop Bet
13 Mar

The Staples Brothers are entering the home stretch in the prop bet that requires Jaime and Matt to weigh one lb of each other by March 25.

The wager with Bill Perkins made in March 2017 for $3,000 at 50-1 odds finds the Staples boys just eight lbs apart at the most recent weigh-in a few days ago. They were 171 lbs apart when they started - Jaime at 305 lbs and Matt at 134.

Surprisingly to many doubters who thought they wouldn't be able to pull it off, a victory and $150,000 is now in sight. However, according to a post on Instagram made by the older brother, stress seems to be weighing Jaime down instead of the weight that once burdened him.

It will all be over in less than two weeks, with a hearty celebration in order for the likely winners, as well as for those who inspired the brothers along the way - including Perkins. The official weigh-in will be streamed live on Twitch.tv.

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