James Harden Involved in Altercation Outside Las Vegas Casino

1 week ago
James Harden Involved in Altercation Outside Las Vegas Casino
23 May

A video recently surfaced, shared by TMZ, allegedly showing Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden slapping an individual outside a casino in Las Vegas. Although the exact date of the incident remains unknown, sources suggest it occurred earlier this week. Harden, and the Sixers had not played since April 22, when they completed a sweep of the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA playoffs first round.

The person who received the slap has not been officially identified, but reports indicate he is likely a member of Harden's entourage. The footage captures a heated verbal exchange before Harden extends his arm and slaps the individual. Las Vegas police have stated that no incident reports have been filed against Harden, and witnesses claim that both parties later entered the casino together.

The incident has prompted fans on social media to question why Harden was in Las Vegas during the postseason. It is well-known that Harden enjoys the nightlife and has previously admitted to playing games with minimal sleep after engaging in various activities nationwide.

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