Jason Koon Offers $2 Million Prop Bet to Run 100m in 10.9 Seconds

1 month ago
Jason Koon Offers $2 Million Prop Bet to Run 100m in 10.9 Seconds
14 May

High-stakes tournament player Jason Koon has made an audacious prop bet offer on Twitter that he can run 100m in under 10.9s within a year. The American is about to turn 36 in a couple of months—an age where he should generally be past his peak— which should attract more than a few takers for this wager

Bill Perkins Steps Up

As is the norm now, it is Bill Perkins who is one of the first to step up and accept a bet. It’s not for the whole $2 million though, but $100,000 is a starter. Koon hasn’t competed in any track and field events since his college days 15 years ago. He does look like a fit individual, but running the 100m sprint in 10.9s or less is a tough proposition, even for a fit young man.

We can be sure that Koon knows exactly what times he was capable at his peak and isn’t offering this wager out of hand—he will have the full confidence that he can do this.

Proving a Point

This all started when Koon was asked by Remko Rinkema what time he could get down to tif he dedicated himself for a full year. After stating sub 11 seconds it didn’t take long before somebody piped up that there was no way he could.

David Joseph posted:

“Zero chance you could run that. Zero. I tell you what I’ll back up the Brinks truck you just let me know the track I need to show up to. Your delusional if you think you could run under 11. LMAO"
“If you think this is a joke I can escrow up to 5 million tomorrow. I need a good solid lock of a bet. Jesus the fact you just said 10.9 is hilarious. That would make you faster than everybody in the NFL.”
Koon insisted that there must be more than 400 players in the NFL and that he had run sub 11 seconds as a 17-year-old. He’s definitely up for this!

$2 Million Waiting

After being told there was a $5 million bet on the table Koon offered $2 million before Joseph posted something about a gentlemen’s agreement being worked out in the name of charity. This was only an hour after being told the year starts from today, so we’ve not yet got any complete confirmation on what the terms are, if any.

This would be one of the best prop bets ever seen in poker. The 100m sprint is an iconic event, watched by billions at the olympics. We’d love to see Jason Koon get a taker for his $2 million and take them to the cleaners.

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