Jason Somerville Leaks PokerStars Short Deck/6+ Hold’em Release Date

1 year ago
Jason Somerville Leaks PokerStars Short Deck/6+ Hold’em Release Date
07 Jan

Table chat is a beautiful thing. In a friendly conversation with his fellow players, PokerStars Pro and RunItUp creator Jason Somerville apparently leaked the much-anticipated Short Deck/Six Plus Hold’em release date on the PokerStars client.

Jason Somerville was playing on the PCA PokerStars Player Championship featured table as the conversation transitioned to Short-Deck or 6+ Hold’em. The game is popular in the Macau high stakes circuit; it’s played with a stripped deck with all the 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s removed and slightly different hand rankings.

The question on whether Short Deck would ever catch on arose, to which Jason had this to say:

“Yeah man, it’s already caught on pretty well in the high stakes community. I think it’s launching on PokerStars in January too… I think January 16th, they made an announcement. If I’m wrong, we’re spoiling it. Sorry!”

PokerStars Blog has, in fact, yet to announce the release date, or confirm the announcement at this point. The live stream directors seemingly didn’t catch the leak live to cut to another table. The world now knows that PokerStars plans (or planned at one point) to release Six-Plus Poker this month, specifically January 16, 2019.

It’s possible, however, that Jason is misremembering or simply wrong about the date. Despite sponsored pros being an integral part of PokerStars’ brand identity, they don’t seem to have any authority over these matters. We will see in just a few days.

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