Jeff Gross Wins HOT $215 Live On Twitch For $16,454.77

3 years ago
Jeff Gross Wins HOT $215 Live On Twitch For $16,454.77
14 Jun


Dealt pocket aces with 10 big blinds remaining and nearing the final table with only 11 players left was a godsend for Jeff Gross during PokerStars HOT $215 last month.

Playing under his 'kidwhowon' moniker and seated on the button, folds around the table prompted a shove for 100,614 at the 5K/10K blind level from Gross. He desperately hoped for a call from either the SB or BB (or both), each of whom had over 200,000K in chips.

Double Up

Gross got his wish when the small blind ('bebaimis777') made the call with A-6 suited in spades while sitting on a stack of 236,181. Two spades on the flop was cause for concern and the turn brought three more outs for bebaimis777 by way of an inside straight draw to go along with his flush draw.

But the river completely missed the underdog's hand, allowing the aces to hold up and kidwhowon to snag 218,728. Gross jubilantly expressed his excitement, giving a shout out to 'tonkaaaaP' while being joined on screen by Brian Rast, the winner of three live High Roller events at the Aria over a span of 2 and 1/2 months from February to April, 2017.

Final Table

In 3rd place with nine players remaining at the final table, Gross, who was logging on and streaming from Cabo, Mexico, again was blessed with pocket bullets. His 39K bet was met with an all-in re-raise from an opponent holding pocket jacks. The aces held up again and kidwhowon was suddenly the chip leader with 594K and with blinds set at 8K/16K.

Excitement continued to build including two particular hands where Gross failed to connect with an ace on the flop to match the one he was holding, but was fortunate in both instances when an ace landed on 4th street. You often need that kind of luck to win a poker tournament and kidwhowon was well on his way.

Watch the 15-minute video to see how Gross navigates his way through the final table to win $16,454.77 while live streaming the action on Twitch. Well done, and a fitting screen name for kidwhowon.

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