The Twitch Rich List Top 5

4 years ago
The Twitch Rich List Top 5
08 May

It’s the modern phenomenon which has brought poker right up into the 21st Century, alongside the gaming stars with millions of followers, and today we’re going to make an attempt to fill the five seats with the biggest TwitchTV poker earners.

For those new to Twitch, streaming is 100% free but you can subscribe to a specific player for $4.99 to support your favorite streamers, bringing you special perks such as chat opportunities with your streamer when the account is in subscriber-only mode.

With these subscriptions, plus ad revenue, donations, sponsorship and bonuses all adding in to the financial mix – and no-one, including TwitchTV themselves willing to reveal just how much money there is in the game -  it’s a tough job to put a figure to each streamer, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the numbers game and see what we can find!

Jason ‘jcarverpoker’ Somerville

The daddy of poker streamers, Jason ‘jcarverpker’ Somerville was the first to surpass the 10million viewers’ mark, setting the bar for all those who would follow him.

Streaming 6 or more hours a day, 7 days a week, Somerville bemoaned the decline of poker on TV, but said that:

“Twitch, on the other hand, is very democratic in that anybody can stream and if you are entertaining and interesting enough you can build a following and go from there.”

Started                              26/01/2012

Followers                          205,807

Subscribers @ $4.99     500

Channel views                17,791,591

Twitch rank                     A-

Followers rank                407th

Monthly Profit                $4,600

Seat 2
Jaime ‘PokerStaples’ Staples

The young Canadian has built a big and very dedicated following in the two and a half years he has been streaming his online MTT’s, and last year offered a Christmas special treat for his fans…

Working out of various grindhouses with friends and his brother Matty (currently Vienna for choice!) Jaime is one of the most enjoyable guys to watch on TwitchTV, engaging with his supporters at every opportunity.

Started                              13/10/2014

Followers                          85,872

Subscribers @ $4.99     550

Channel views                6,370,921

Twitch rank                     B+

Followers rank                1,222nd

Monthly Profit                $4,200

Seat 3
Doug ‘DougPolkPoker’ Polk

Jason Somerville isn’t the only one breaking TwitchTV records, Polk’s $455,000 2nd place in the WCOOP high-roller last year being the biggest sum ever won during a live stream.

As one of the most interesting, successful and marketable players on the planet, everything Doug Polk touches seems to turn to gold and it would be very surprising if he didn’t top the TwitchTV earnings charts sometime in the future.

Started                              11/01/2016

Followers                          40,405

Subscribers @ $4.99     400

Channel views                2,462,313

Twitch rank                     B

Followers rank                2,722

Monthly Profit                $2470

Seat 4
Kevin ‘kevinmartin987’ Martin

The always-smiling Martin has a head-start when it comes to dealing with a fanbase, the former radio show host only turning to poker seriously a little later alongside his good friend Jaime Staples.

The Big Brother Canada star in both seasons 3 and 5 has proved himself to be one of the most-popular small-stakes grinders on Twitch, securing a TeamPokerStarsOnline sponsorship with his efforts.

Started                              27/10/2014

Followers                          49,253

Subscribers @ $4.99    220

Channel views                 2,311,851

Twitch rank                     B

Followers rank                2,248th

Monthly Profit                $2,100

Seat 5
Parker ‘TonkaaaaP’ Talbot

There is a decent chance that 25-year old Talbot has played more hands of poker than all the other players combined, thanks to his amazing online runs at SNE status for a few years.

Toning down the play after PokerStars changes, ‘tonkaaaa’ as he is known online is one of the most consistent players at the mid-to-high stakes and his streams are an excellent mix of fun and poker tuition.

Started                              23/12/2015

Followers                          57,320

Subscribers @ $4.99     175

Channel views                4,507,492

Twitch rank                     B

Followers rank                1934th

Monthly Profit                $1800

That’s quite a final table for a TwitchTV richlist, but if you think it needs tweaking or adding to, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below!

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