Jeff Madsen Pulls a Pot-Sized Joke

5 years ago
Jeff Madsen Pulls a Pot-Sized Joke
05 Jul

Jeff Madsen was in once again in a funky mood yesterday as he registered to play in the $10k Pot Limit Omaha Championship, and started tweeting about taking some weed with him to the tournament, so he could throw it on the table “mid-pot”. This was a type of joke Madsen would make, as anyone who follows him on Twitter knows he has a strange sense of humor.

For example, earlier, during the Ladies Event, Madsen kept tweeting that he was playing, continuing to “report” super weird hands that were highly unlikely to have taken place, to say the least.

Wow really fortunate spot.. I'm semi short and shove all in from mid position with 44 for 7k.. Lady next me throws out 6k then the chick to the left of her snap throws out 6k, and two others throw out 6k.. Dealer informs them all I'm actually all in for 7k. They all snap fold for 1k more and I get the full triple up .. #phew #blessed

The above is just one of many Madsen’s “updates” on his tournament progress. The entire thing was a big joke, of course, but there were people who actually took it seriously. Similar happened last night, after he was knocked out of the PLO event.

Busted PLO and then got immediately arrested and 86'd from the Rio for weed possession

Soon after, a thread emerged on 2+2, discussing Madsen’s situations, where certain posters were saying that it wasn’t the first time someone was 86’d for illegal drugs possession. In all fairness, if you are not keeping tabs on Madsen’s Twitter, he can be really convincing sometimes. At the very least, he is very persistent. This time, however, he did not continue the joke for too long, perhaps realizing that some people might actually believe it.

Ok they've released me and allowed me to keep all my drugs #blessed

Jeff was seemingly shocked that a whole thread appeared on the most popular poker forum, devoted to this entire “situation”. But the thread did start some of much needed discussion on the marijuana prohibition and civil liberties, and it was a high time someone finally voiced their opinion on these matters, and we should see some important changes resulting from this discussion real soon.

wow shocker people actually think i would throw weed onto the table and get 86'd from the rio.. i would never do that.. haha.. it was meth

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