Joe Rogan Talks About Dana White’s High Stakes Gambling

3 weeks ago
Joe Rogan Talks About Dana White’s High Stakes Gambling
08 Sep

Joe Rogan has been talking about Dana White’s love for high stakes gambling, telling what ridiculous sums he has been seen wagering on casino games.

$600,000 Blackjack Session Loss

Rogan told how he witnessed UFC President White drop an eye-watering $600,000 during a late night blackjack session while in Las Vegas recently, hanging out with NFL player Taylor Lewan.

Rogan and Lewan went to meet up with White to play blackjack only to find him already down the huge sum. Lewan then decided to have a go and dropped $140,000 within only five minutes before making a recovery.

White is then shown on vacation on the Amalfi Coast, relaxing on his yacht while playing on a hired casino he brought along for the trip. The rest of us might just log into our favourite online casino and splash around, but not White.

Rogan’s guest thought that was balla but the podcaster reframed it as a sickness, which probably isn’t far from the truth.

Last year, White was reported to have been banned from four Las Vegas casinos for winning too much against the house. No mention of card counting was made but whatever the reason, the House does not like losing.

In 2014, white was presented with a mock championship belt by the Palms Casino after winning $2 million. He was then told his presence at the high stakes tables was no longer welcome.

"Instead of just asking me to leave the way that the previous owners did, they gave me this. Undisputed Blackjack Champion. 24-0. This is a cool way to say get the f*** out of our casino and don’t come back."

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