Joe Stapleton Pranks 1,000 Viewers into Closing PCA Twitch Stream

5 months ago
Joe Stapleton Pranks 1,000 Viewers into Closing PCA Twitch Stream
20 Jan

Poker commentator and funnyman Joe Stapleton pulled a prank on Twitch viewers during Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure action that resulted in 1,000 poker fans getting booted off the stream.

It's typically advantageous to attract viewers to watch a live stream on Twitch. Stapes knows this, of course, but didn't expect so many viewers to fall for his prank.

During PCA tournament action that featured poker pro Brian Altman, Stapleton informed viewers who are fans of Altman that they could show their support for Brian by simultaneously pressing Alt and F4. Stapes stated that the keyboard command was a "special Brian Altman emote on Twitch."

Actually, there is no special Brian Altman emote. Pressing Alt and F4 at the same time serves one purpose - it closes the window. The 1,000 viewers who were aiming to express their support for Altman instead lost the stream.

Stapleton got a chuckle out of punking so many viewers, jokingly stating that:

"We’ll never get them back."

Altman, by the way, finished 6th in the $10,300 PCA Main Event, taking home $297,020.

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