Joe Stiers Disqualified From WSOP Main Event With 650k Stack!!!

3 years ago
Joe Stiers Disqualified From WSOP Main Event With 650k Stack!!!
16 Jul


Imagine you’ve paid your $10K to enter the Main Event, you make it through to day 3 and are sitting on a top-50 stack of 630,000 chips, with only 100 or so of the 1200 players left in the event needed to bust before you’re in the money – and then security arrive and throw you out of the tournament and the casino!

That’s exactly what happened to Joe Stiers last night in Vegas when it was discovered that he had entered under a different name and was actually banned from ALL Caesars Entertainment-owned properties – which the Rio just happens to be one of.

Steir’s somewhat self-inflicted predicament came to light when’s live updates reported: ‘Player Disqualified From the Tournament’ shortly after 9pm last night.

They wrote:

"When players returned from dinner break, one player's seat was empty, and the roughly 630,000 in chips he previously had in front of him were gone, as well. It turns out that this player had been banned from all Caesars properties and thus barred from entering World Series of Poker tournaments."


A tweet from Stier’s Twitter account read: 

PokerTube reported on Stiers’ previous problems back in 2014, Ines Slatinac writing:

“Joe Stiers, a professional poker player who makes his living from poker tournaments and blackjack, will probably miss this year's WSOP because he was banned from all Caesars’ properties for card counting."

She continued:

“Joe was asked to leave the Horseshoe Casino in the middle of the poker tournament that he paid to enter. After he was informed that he is not allowed to enter any Caesars property in the US, he realized that he won’t be able to participate in World Series of Poker. He told Baltimore Sun that when the security officials approached him, he got frustrated and started to yell, threatening that he will contact the media. He reacted impulsively and even mentioned a potential lawsuit and made a scene. In the appeal, sent in February to the Horseshoe casino, Joe wrote that without WSOP he would have to find a new career.”

Whether he did indeed find a new career in the intervening years or not, Stiers was back at this year’s Main Event, under a false name. According to the WSOP:

“The player had knowingly bypassed security, going to great lengths to hide his real identity when registering for this tournament. When tournament organizers found out, his stack was terminated, and the chips were removed from the tournament. He left the premises without incident. His tournament buy-in remains in the prize pool, so the payout is not affected by this incident."

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

"It is the sixth consecutive year a player has been removed from the Main Event."

Day 4 of the Main Event will resume this evening, the remaining 1084 players from the 7000+ starters this year all guaranteed at least $15,000.

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