Johnnie Vibes Gets The Last Laugh on Shaun Deeb

2 years ago
Johnnie Vibes Gets The Last Laugh on Shaun Deeb
17 Jul

Johnnie Moreno A.K.A. “Johnnie Vibes” proved Shaun Deeb and other doubters wrong and won a prop bet at the same time.

It all started, like most poker Twitter fights do, with a poker player’s markup. Poker vlogger and mid-stakes cash grinder Johnnie Moreno, better known as Johnnie Vibes on YouTube, wanted to give his fans a sweat this WSOP and offered a 1.38 markup.  

Markup is a contested issue in the poker community, with concerns of players over-valuing themselves to potential investors. Few are as vocal on the issue as Shaun Deeb, who called Moreno a scammer after seeing how much he values his own abilities.

You don’t have to be around the poker community for long to know that being a scammer is the most serious accusation a poker player can levy at a colleague. It’s not something people can just brush off. 

So Johnnie offered to settle it by introducing another topic popular in poker Twitter, a prop bet

The premise was simple, they’ll put their action against each other when they play the same events, whoever gets the higher ROI wins $10,000 from the other.

According to Moreno, this would prove that he’s not a scammer as he would be a turning a profit for his investors. When the time came, Johnnie Vibes had the last laugh, as he told PokerNews:

“I crushed Deeb on the bet. He made maybe $700 in cashes and I cashed for close to $30,000… I don’t really have to say anything, just let the results talk for themselves.”

What do you think, does this validate Johnnie’s markup? Let us know in the comments.

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