Jungleman Aims For Revenge on Opponents with Custom Dartboard

10 months ago
Jungleman Aims For Revenge on Opponents with Custom Dartboard
08 Apr

Dan Cates has thought of a novel way to exact revenge on his fellow poker players that get the best of him at the tables.

Or perhaps Jungleman's idea for retribution is centered more around a particular player who has failed to conclude a heads-up challenge that's dragged on far too long for practically everyone's liking.

The following post on social media is self-explanatory as to what Jungleman has in mind:

Some of the replies from his followers attempted to aim Cates in the right direction toward making his dartboard a reality. Others had suggestions about whose image might be best-suited for the bulls-eye. A recent spat on Twitter between the Instagram king and Cates gave this suggestion some merit:

But perhaps Jungleman would rather that the following likeness take up a more prominent space on his custom dartboard:

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