Jungleman Fires Shots at Dan Bilzerian

11 months ago
Jungleman Fires Shots at Dan Bilzerian
23 Mar

Dan “Jungleman” Cates has taken a swipe at Dan Bilzerian on Twitter over his call to shut down social media for a month. The self-styled king of social media was musing over how social media takes away power from the mainstream media before suddenly calling for it to canned for a month.

Cates is just the latest figure to poke a little fun at Bilzerian for perpetually trying to insinuate he’s a real poker professional. His response was thinly veiled.

Anyone who has followed Blizerian’s antics across Instagram and Twitter will be aware that it is known that the source of his income is a trust fund from his father. Rather than admit this, Bilzerian insists on telling the world that he won everything playing high-stakes poker.

The problem with this idea is that videos of his online poker exploits have been seen and ripped to shreds by real pros. To put it mildly, Bilzerian is no real poker player. Of course, if he mixes in the right circles he might well come across the right kind of willing fish to win millions from in a heads-up scenario, but where did the bankroll for this come from?

Maybe we should all admit that we’re secretly jealous of Bilzerian’s lifestyle. Nothing wrong with this, and almost all red-blooded males would have no problem saying so too. What we as poker players do have a problem with, however, is people belittling our profession and claiming they can win millions when it’s clearly a lie.

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