Jungleman Threatens to Take Phil Galfond Down

1 year ago
Jungleman Threatens to Take Phil Galfond Down
30 Aug

Dan “Jungleman” Cates has threatened to take Phil Galfond’s “ass down and clip his wings,” in a video interview with Brandon Adams. The PLO wizard remains undefeated in the Galfond Challenge so far and Jungleman is geeing himself up as he prepares for his own turn in the hot seat.

Jungleman Gives an Edge to His Challenge

We’re quite certain that Jungleman’s outburst is completely tongue in cheek, but maybe it’s just what this run of matches needs. So far nobody has mounted much of a challenge apart from VeniVidi who was first up and caught Phil Galfond cold.

Could Jungleman be the man to dethrone Galfond?

The rant was mostly directed at Galfond’s squeaky clean image. There’s not a person in the poker community who has a bad word to say about him, and there’s definitely no negative press lurking in the background.

In the interview, Adams teases the viewers by getting Jungleman to discuss his preparation for a “lockdown” match. The description was graphic to say the least, and shows just how motivated he can be when taking on the best poker players in the world.

“The first thing I’m going to do is find a hotel…this hotel is going to be empty, with only people who are serving me…I’m going to be in total lockdown. Forget the hotel…I’m going to find an apartment and I’m going to have people bring me food every day…I don’t want to see the sunlight when I‘m battling this guy, I want to be in a basement somewhere no one can fucking find me.”

Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to schedule this battle, but we live in hope. A real fight between two of poker’s heaviest hitters would be a spectacle to witness, for sure.

Last year we got only a teaser in a 750 hand battle of €100/€200 PLO with Galfond coming out the victor by a €90,000 margin.

The Run it Once website is displaying plans for a 7,500 match at the same stakes so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement soon.

For the full interview check out the video below. It really is Jungleman at his best, and he also goes into some detail on his new social reputation app that he’s invested $80,000 into.

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