Las Vegas High Roller Sues MGM Grand Over Drinking Spiking Incident

1 month ago
Dwight Manley - MGM Grand
27 Oct

Dwight Manley, a well-known high roller in the casinos of Las Vegas, is suing MGM Grand after an alleged incident where his drink was spiked with ketamine while he was playing blackjack in one of the casino's exclusive VIP rooms.

Manley, who represented basketball legend Dennis Rodman in the 1990s, lost $2 million in casino markers playing blackjack while unwittingly under the influence of the horse tranquilizer turned party drug, according to the lawsuit.

He claims that he became disoriented after consuming the drink, later breaking an ashtray and cutting his hand. He did not notice the injury and continued playing. Manley believes he shouldn't be liable for the casino markers and seeks unspecified damages of more than $75K.

$500K Reward

Manley has reported the matter to Las Vegas Metro Police and the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and he is also offering a $500K reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

The lawsuit, filed in November 2022 and amended in July, claims that the casino kept extending his credit line by millions of dollars even though his behaviour had become visibly erratic.

He has had a 30-year relationship with the MGM Grand, where he was treated like a VIP and offered free use of a suite, food, drink, and access to a high-limit salon, where he played alone, mostly at a blackjack table.

He also was allowed credit advances while gambling by signing "markers." On his most recent trip, Manley and his entourage left Orange County on December 10, 2020, on a private plane provided by the casino. He was given a villa at the MGM "Mansion," a luxury property on the grounds of the resort.

Manley has also hired a private investigator to seek the truth about what happened that night. Could this case open the floodgates for more litigation of this type? We doubt we’ve heard the last of this lawsuit.

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