Learn Bill Perkins’ Secrets To Living Well

11 months ago
Learn Bill Perkins’ Secrets To Living Well
09 Jun

Ever since Dale Carnegie invented the modern self-help book the genre has been broadly split into two camps: the Carnegie school of common-sense repackaged plus anecdotes and The Secret school of total bullshit, plus anecdotes.

Now, amateur poker pro and Bilzerian hanger-on, Bill Perkins is working on a book to teach you how to “maximise” your life, promising a “methodology of having the most fulfilling life of their choosing, no matter what path” in this book. The vague yet scientific-sounding “maximise” sets alarm bells ringing. And the word “methodology” smells of Sokal-esque verbiage – the word you’re looking for, Bill, is “method”

This “methodology” will no doubt start – Step One: inherit your wealth.

Which is not to say he didn’t put that parental coin to use. He was the sort of sociopath who was able to turn a $1.25 million profit/year for Goldman Sachs. For some reason he buggered off the second the market got tough to beat in 2008. 

Most of his $2.5 million winnings come from a single super high-roller, one drop event. Which feels pretty close to buying your success. And he is “working with a professional writer” on this book (c.f. Ghostwriting). So, perhaps the key lesson to learn from this book, is that monied privilege will let you pay people to “maximise” for you

That’s a lesson the book can teach before it is even written.

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