Leonie Granger Admits to Robbing Mehmet Hassan but Denies Murder Charges

6 years ago
Leonie Granger Admits to Robbing Mehmet Hassan but Denies Murder Charges
09 Mar

Leonie Granger, 25, has admitted her part in a robbery of professional poker player Mehmet Hassan, but denied any knowledge of the plans to murder him.

Leonie and Mehmet met at the Mayfair Casino in London’s West End where Leonie gave him her phone number and a false name. At the Old Bailey Court she explained how they met and how she planned a robbery with her boyfriend, Kyrron Jackson, and his friend, Nicholas Chandler.

Leonie’s boyfriend and his friend denied the charges of murder and robbery while Leonie has admitted to her part in only the robbery. The care worker said that the plan of burglary was discussed on the same day she met Hassan. According to her testimony, Jackson and Nicholas advised her to visit the casino and get someone’s number there, explaining to her that they would rob that person later.

While answering questions asked by her barrister, Granger said that there was no discussion of the murder and that she was only involved in the robbery of Hassan.

Hassan believed Leonie so he didn't have a problem talking to her about his money, which, as it turned out, was the only thing that she was interested in. He also mentioned that he was a professional poker player and that with his money and her brains, he could turn Leonie into a great player as well.

On the evening of Sunday, March 23, Leonie and Hassan met for a drink and visited the casino, where they were seen passionately kissing. The couple left before midnight and went back to Hassan’s flat. It was the last time Hassan was seen alive.

His body was found by police on March 24 after his sister, Abide Ispanedi, became concerned because she couldn't reach him. According to the police, Hassan was tied up, beaten up and brutally murdered in his flat in Islington, North London. The investigators examined Leonie’s phone and found disturbing video of three people celebrating the death of Hassan, laughing and holding bundles of £50 notes.

Leonie Granger, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler were arrested and even though the video clearly showed that they were celebrating while Hassan was lying dead in a pool of blood, all three defendants deny the murder charges.

Hassan was described as a professional gambler who sometimes won as much as £15,000 at a time. The prosecutor told the jury that his death was the culmination of ruthless greed.

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