Lex Live 3 Postponed By Pandemic

1 year ago
Lex Live 3 Postponed By Pandemic
14 Mar

For members of Lex Veldhuis’ Twitch poker community, Lex Live is the event of the year. Partly another stop on the live tourney calendar, part online convention, Lex Live offered a chance for fans of Veldhuis’s channel to meet the man and each other. And to take each other’s money.

Lex Live 3 was originally to be held from the 16th to the 23rd April 2020 with the sponsorship and administrative assistance of PokerStars. However, in a recent announcement on his own Twitter Veldhuis announced that Lex Live 3 is postponed thanks to the spectral shadow of Covid-19.

PokerStars had previously announced it was cancelling or postponing all live events up to the 10th April 2020, but it looks like the decision to extend that to Lex Live was taken by Lex himself.

In a press release on PokerStars blog Veldhuis is quoted as having taken the decision saying:

“Letting things just go through didn’t really seem like the best idea right now for my community. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and is pretty much guaranteed an amazing experience. I hope people can understand the decision and appreciate it is a very tough one to make.”

Whether the event will be moved to later in the year, or shifted online is not yet clear. But Veldhuis’ open, and markedly human, approach to communicating with his fans has resulted in strong support from his followers.

As the current strain of coronavirus continues to ravage the live poker circuit as well as people’s lungs, other event organisers could learn a lot from Veldhuis’ approach.

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