Lex Veldhuis Seeks Help For Candy Crush Addiction

2 years ago
Lex Veldhuis Seeks Help For Candy Crush Addiction
04 Jun

There are worse ways to unwind after a hard day grinding away for your Twitch audience than leaning back with the simple point-and-pop gameplay of Candy Crush

Unfortunately for Lex Veldhuis his ‘rediscovered passion’ for Candy Crush is a burden he is afraid of sharing with the world, and in an effort to break the grip of his shameful hard-candy crush addiction he recently tweeted for recommendations for a substitute game (a kind of Metha-phone, if you will).

No surprises what the first and most popular suggestion was.

Wise ass Aussie James Hopkins had a rather less helpful suggestion.

While other suggestions included the widely advertised Clash of Clans franchise and something called Drop the Ball. Luke Fern should probably note that Prozac is not technically addictive, although that may have been his backhanded point?

Unsurprisingly someone threw in Fortnite, the phone gamers PC game, now available on your phone.

But of course the best suggestion was that Lex be happy with who he is. Home is where you start from, come back to the Crush, my wayward son.

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