Lil Windex Releases Bitcoin Ca$h Rap!

2 years ago
Lil Windex Releases Bitcoin Ca$h Rap!
22 Mar

A large number of poker players are immersed in the world of cryptocurrency, following the latest price swings in the volatile virtual coin market as closely as they do the chip counts of fellow players competing in big tournaments.

While the prices of crypto coins are ever-changing, one constant that seemingly remains is the debate over whether Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will eventually emerge as the better blockchain of the two, perhaps making one of the coins obsolete in the process.

Fork This

The Bitcoin community were at odds over how to meet increased demand in the digital currency some six months ago, causing the hard fork split that resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash. As of this writing, the market cap of BTC ($151.81 Billion) dwarfs that of its BCH ($17.65 Billion) offspring.

That roughly 8.5 to 1 disadvantage in market share hasn't stopped Bitcoin Cash believers from touting their altcoin over supporters of Bitcoin core. The latest to step up and speak his mind about BCH was rapper Lil Windex.

His popularity growing with every video released, the Canadian rapper/comedian Lil Windex has come a long way from cleaning car windows for spare change with his squeegee and bottle of Windex. In fact, his newest Bitcoin Cash video shows him throwing a bunch of money around despite the fact that the decentralized digital currency BCH actually has no physical shape or form, which may be a bit confusing to crypto noobs.

"It's a rap video, so it's got money in it," Lil Windex told Business Insider. "What's confusing about that? I'm pretty sure half the people watchin' this ish don't even know what decentralized means, so I'm not trippin' about it."

Take a look at the video below:

Not all of Lil Windex' followers were pleased:

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