Dan Bilzerian Claims of Crypto Share Sell-Off Doubted by Skeptics

2 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Claims of Crypto Share Sell-Off Doubted by Skeptics
19 Mar

The cryptocurrency market has been sinking as of late amid announcements that the likes of Google and Twitter will ban crypto advertising to ward off scammers who prey on the uninformed.

One crypto investor who claims to be well-informed and to also have impeccable timing with regard to buying and selling the virtual currency is Instagram playboy and self-professed poker pro Dan Bilzerian. The gun-crazed hedonist posted the following on Twitter the other day, which drew a mixed bag of responses among his 1.45 million followers:

That tweet was seen as a follow-up to an Instagram post made by the trust fund millionaire back in April 2017:

"I bought a shitload of Bitcoin today. It's so crazy watching that fuc*ing shit go up."

When Bilzerian entered the Bitcoin buying frenzy, the virtual coin was trading at a little over $1,000. As many are aware, the "value" skyrocketed to over $19,000 for a brief time last December. As of this writing, CoinDesk lists the price at about $7,500.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that the Instagram playboy did manage to sell his Bitcoin holdings at the right time and make a tidy sum. Even selling now would return a pretty penny considering he purchased last April.

However, the timing of his latest post seems to have irked a number of Bilzerian haters who may be curious as to why he waited this long to inform his followers that he sold his Bitcoin months ago.

As you can tell, the non-believers came out in droves. However, Dan was quick to post that he can back up his tweets with proof.

In fact, he claims to have dumped his Bitcoin at $16,500, as well as his other virtual currency holdings that paralleled the rise of Bitcoin.

Whether you believe him or not is all up to you. There were several followers who don't doubt Bilzerian and would likely follow him anywhere, such as this fanboy:

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