Liv Boeree's Guide for Adventurers

4 years ago
Liv Boeree's Guide for Adventurers
30 Jun


Liv Boeree is not just one of Great Britain's top tournament poker players with over $3.3 million in winnings, she’s a musician, an ex-model, and a TV presenter who also hangs a degree in physics with astrophysics from Manchester University on her wall. And if her varied career, poker successes and staring literally into space doesn’t seem sufficient to fill her time, she’s also a serious outdoorswoman.

From horse-riding as a kid, to hiking Red Rock Canyon which she describes as: “stunning” going on to explain that it’s just a “twenty-five minute drive from [Las Vegas] and every kind of hike you could want from gentle strolls to intense climbing,” Boeree has always been one for getting out in nature.

“I grew up in the sticks of Kent,” Her official page’s biography section reads. “Outside of school I spent most of my time climbing trees, jumping stuff, racing ladybirds[…]” 

Her Twitter and Instagram give a good sense of the kind of beauty that America has to offer to the Vegas based degen in need of an escape from the neon and light-shows of the strip.

“I just like to get out of the city as much as possible during the WSOP,” Boeree said in a recent interview with PokerNews. “I get stir crazy if I spend too much time indoors.”

Her most recent trip included taking a duvet covered Igor Kurganov out to the Grand Canyon

“Igor had never been to the Grand Canyon before, so I had to do something about that immediately, as it’s incredible.” She also recommends for the Vegas bound that “if you want to escape the heat, a 50-minute drive gets you up into Mount Charleston - it's really high, so much cooler and very different, alpine environment.”

Looking at those pictures, it is hard not to want to join her out in the wilds.

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