Liv Boeree Talks WCOOP Prep

2 years ago
Liv Boeree Talks WCOOP Prep
20 Sep

Stars have gone bigger than ever for this year’s WCOOP. 60 events and $70 million in prize guarantees (and if the PokerStars boffins have done their job, little chance of any overlay from that). They’ve put about that there will be something for everyone. And if you are a part of “everyone” you might want some advice on prepping for your big day in the sun (or Stars).

Liv Boeree has your back.

As part of the publicity push for the game, the Stars pros have been putting about their faces, and Boeree did a quick interview covering anecdotes from past events, comments on her history with Lex Veldhuis and her top tips for playing these massive online tourney.

Among her top tips are go outside during the day (which may look rather different for you than for her)...

...Get your sleep schedule right (a glass of wine is a great way to wind down before bed) no matter what your timezone...

… and use those five minute breaks to relax and refresh yourself for the rest of the fight...

...whatever she’s doing, it seems to be working out for her.

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