Mamacita Upstages Marle at LATB Cash Game

3 months ago
Mamacita Upstages Marle at LATB Cash Game
14 Feb

A fun cash game at Live at the Bike became even more fun when "Mamacita" won a $3,400 pot and did a celebratory dance that included a two-handed tip to the dealer.

Falling victim to Mamacita in the hand was Marle Cordeiro, who burst onto the poker vlogger scene just a few months ago with a couple of comedic videos. Although Marle has received plenty of attention from the male-dominated poker industry for her sometimes sex-related YouTube content, all eyes were on Mamacita at the LATB cash game.

You can check out the video below. (I'll refrain from making any comments about how Mamacita's top pair beat the lesser pair of Marle). 

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