Marle Cordeiro is Looking For a Poker Playing Boyfriend

1 year ago
Marle Cordeiro is Looking For a Poker Playing Boyfriend
24 Oct

It’s the least-expected YouTube poker video you’ll have ever seen, but it’s a golden 10 minutes you get to share with Marle Cordeiro as she trawls the casinos of Vegas in search of love… or at least, a poker pro boyfriend she hasn’t already dated!

Ticking off the faces of ‘ex-lovers’ as she wanders the cardrooms, the extremely amusing Marle looks like she could do with a bit of help, so we have run through the list of Vegas player/vloggers to see who might be suitable for the delightful player with the occasional ‘potty mouth’.

Andrew Neeme? Recently accounted for in the love stakes, popular vlogger Neeme is happily-engaged, so off the market now.

Brad Owen? Well, no signs of desperately seeking a partner on his social media – and having played in his and Neeme’s game, Marle should already know the score with Brad.

Jeff Boski? Probably married, and if not he should be – not what Marle is looking for by her own account, although the humour match-up is definitely there.

It’s actually very difficult to draw up a short list that isn’t, well, short! Heck, even Dan Bilzerian, though not much of a poker player, recently professed his undying love for someone who isn’t weed or a gun.

All it leaves us with is… the one and only…. the incomparable….

Daniel Negreanu

If you’re going to start somewhere, start at the very top! The legendary Canadian has, as far as we know, been on his own since vlogging about his break-up with long-term girlfriend just as this year’s WSOP in Vegas started to get interesting.


  • Rich and famous
  • Good sense of humour
  • Kind to animals


  • Not getting any younger
  • No sense of humour when it’s aimed at him
  • Small ball practitioner

It’s been a while since Daniel has played Marle’s favourite 2/5 game at the Wynn, of course, but Marle is exactly his type looks-wise… although the poker community will perhaps be hoping that next Valentine’s Day doesn’t see our Dnegs showing his true colours in this pose…

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