Man Kicked in Face and Woman Assaulted by Gang of Men During Hardrock Casino Fight

11 months ago
Man Kicked in Face and Woman Assaulted by Gang of Men During Hardrock Casino Fight
14 Aug

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino Florida was the scene of a massive brawl that saw a woman viciously assaulted along with her male friend.

The fight was recorded and later re-posted on social media by high stakes player Matt Glantz.

No Longer the Fairer Sex?

As you can see in the video there was no quarter given when it came to chivalry. In Matt Glantz’s thread there was a long discussion about how in years gone by people wouldn’t even consider hitting a woman in public. How times have changed.

Of course, poker Twitter being what it is people still found a reason to argue. Shaun Deeb claimed that people just did it behind closed doors before, now it’s just out in the open.

Glantz hit back with:

“Domestic abuse is an entirely different subject than average kids at a mall getting in fights with other kids and punching guys and girls rather than just punching guys.” 

Three Arrested

As many as 15 people were involved in the brawl but after reviewing the security footage only three were arrested. All did get banned from the property however.

No doubt one of those banged up was the man who picked up a pole stand and aimed it at somebody’s head. 

Manuel Aguilar, 26, of Miami, was charged for disorderly conduct, a first-degree misdemeanor, and possession of oxycodone. He was identified as the main instigator of the brawl and probably now wishes he had kept a low profile that afternoon.

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