Maria Ho Beaten By Total Amateurs on The Try Guys

11 months ago
Maria Ho Beaten By Total Amateurs on The Try Guys
26 Feb

The Try Guys most recent episode pits all four tryers against Maria Ho in a five-person tournament and has already been viewed more than two and a half million times.

The channel, which has over 6.8 million subscribers, has the four stars (Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene) try a new hobby or compete against an expert every episode. It’s taken them almost five years to get round to trying poker on the show.

After a brief interview, a summary of the rules for the Channel’s very mainstream audience, and a little smack talk, the game begins. A five person tourney with the guys hoping that just one of them will win.

Where a game like this where four players are effectively all aiming at beating a fifth, you would normally expect collusion and dirty play to creep in. There is no risk of that in this room, the Try Guys barely seem to be able to remember the hand values.

The Try Guys very particular brand of humour is in full swing as Maria Ho chats with them over the card table. One of the most delightful things is getting to see a pro using the sort of mind games that would only ever work on total neophytes. 

Despite her massive edge, the game comes to end when Ho fails to hit her draw and the Try Guys take it.

She should have listened to the advice of Eugene Yang’s mum who he quotes as saying:

“Why bet money on stuff when you can buy lunch?”

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