Maria Lampropulos’ Weird Call

1 year ago
Maria Lampropulos’ Weird Call
08 Jan

With the 2019 PCA started, we take a look back at the most controversial hand of last year’s PCA Main Event. The players involved are none other than the champ herself, Maria Lampropulos and the runner-up Shawn Buchanan

Chip leader Maria Lampropulos is in the SB with Q3 and raises to 275,000. Shawn Buchanan in the BB calls with A7

The Flop is 742 rainbow,  Lampropulos bets 230,000 and Buchanan calls. Now the pot is at 1,060,000 and the turn is a 7 . Lampropulos, perhaps sensing she’s now drawing dead, checks. 

Buchanan doesn’t let her get away that easy and puts the pressure on by betting 375,000 in chips, which she calls. The pot is now at 1,810,000, and the river is 4 , giving Buchanan a full house. 

Lampropulos once again checks, she only has a Queen high and is sitting with a comfortable stack of 4.7 Million. Buchanan, who needs this pot to become the chip leader, bets 1,100,000 in chips. 

Lampropulos thinks Buchanan could bluff in that spot and tanks before Buchanan calls the clock on her. After thinking it through, she calls with only queen high, losing to Buchanan’s full house. 

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