Martin Jacobson – The First WSOP Champion Interview

4 years ago
Martin Jacobson – The First WSOP Champion Interview
19 Nov

In his very first interview after winning $10 million in the WSOP Main Event, Martin Jacobson sat down with PokerTube’s own Rikard to chat about his impressive achievement. In the days following the title win, Jacobson took some time for himself. Now it is our great pleasure to give you his first interview since that historic victory on November 11.

In his interview with Rikard, Martin explained that after his victory he visited his friend in Las Vegas. This was something he had planned for a long while, regardless of the final table result. Winning was a strange feeling, Jacobson said, something that was hard to prepare for.

Jacobson spent days and months leading up to the November Nine by preparing for this big moment. One of the things he found very useful was simulating the final table. His friends played the roles of his opponents, with the appropriate chip stacks. Playing and analyzing interesting situations afterward helped him a lot, although he admits to having a lot of fun doing it as well.

It helped him be prepared for all sorts of situations, so even when the final table started unusually aggressive, although it wasn’t expected, it did not come as a surprise either. Martin was ready for nearly any scenario possible. This, combined with his mental and physical exercise, enabled him to take his seat at the biggest final table of his career as ready as he could possibly be.

Once the day finally dawned and play started, it was Jorryt van Hoof that Jacobson was the most concerned about. Apart from himself, van Hoof was the player with the most experience and who also worked a lot on his game in the months leading up to the November Nine showdown.

Although there were ups and downs throughout the day, Martin Jacobson survived and made it to the top three, together with chip leader van Hoof and Felix Stephensen. He explained that he wasn’t too happy when the TD decided to stop play for the night. Although it was a very long day, Jacobson felt ready for it and was mentally prepared to go all the way to the heads up stage. Stopping play somehow got him "out of the zone."

When the remaining trio returned to play on Day 2, Martin says he felt that some of Jorryt’s confidence from the first day was gone. That and the loss of momentum led to van Hoof's elimination.

Once in the heads-up, Jacobson did not expect the contest to be over that fast (as neither did any of us watching at home), but it was how the cards fell. Martin said that even though winning was a great feeling, he was almost sorry that the whole experience was over.

What does the future hold for Martin Jacobson? First and foremost, he wants to take some time off. Once he feels ready, he will get back in the game again. Winning the Main Event title is truly a great achievement and Martin wants to do everything in his power to be a great ambassador for poker and to try and give something back to the game that has given him so much.

We’ve said it quite a few times in the past few days and we will say it again – congratulations to Martin Jacobson and to Sweden – you have your very own World Champion of Poker!

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