Marvin Rettenmaier Having Fun, Ryan Riess Short on Time

4 years ago
Marvin Rettenmaier Having Fun, Ryan Riess Short on Time
28 Jun

Laura and Rikard are having busy couple days in Las Vegas, as they are trying to get as many players as they can to share their thoughts and feelings on the Series so far and anything else they are willing to share with their fans. This time, Laura caught up with Mad Marvin Rettenmaier, while Rikard got the reigning champ, Ryan Riess for a very short interview.

Marvin Rettenmaier talked to Laura about how bad his Series has been going so far, but he didn’t really mind it that much as way he sees it, with the bad run he’s had so far, he will clearly win the Main Event. On the other hand, he’s been having a lot of fun while in Las Vegas, although he admitted that he’s had a bit of a sleeping problem, which made him feel a little tired, but not too tired to party.

My mom was here like a week ago, two weeks ago… Taught her how to play beer-pong, then she taught everybody else how to play beer-pong. Like, she owned everybody!

Mad Marvin has actually brought his mom to Vegas and took her out partying. He even thought her how to play beer-pong and she obviously caught up with the rules real fast. Rettenmaier had a lot of free time on his hands, as he’s been busting the tournaments real fast this summer.

Full interview, bringing you couple top tourist tips from Mad Marvin himself, can be found bellow.

Rikard caught up for a short conversation with 2013 WSOP Main Event winner, Ryan Riess, during his break from the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Event. Riess talked about his plan for the rest of the Series which, apart from the Main Event, include trying to satellite into the Big One for One Drop tournament.

Some people try to suck out, some people fold more. You just have to figure out who the villain is and adjust accordingly.

As far as the WSOP so far, Riess told us he only had a couple cashes so far, but they were also small ones, so he is still looking for the big one. He also explained that people have been recognizing him a lot more since his Main Event victory and that sometimes influences his decisions at the tables, as he is adjusting to people playing at him.

Unfortunately, reigning champ was in a rush this time, but you can listen to the entire interview (as short as it may be) bellow:

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