Massive Illegal Casino Discovered in Thai Hotel

2 months ago
Illegal Casino
05 Dec

Another huge illegal gambling outfit has been discovered by the Royal Thai Police in Nonthaburi province, northwest of Bangkok. Spread across two floors of a hotel, the lavish setup was leased by the operator from the IWISH hotel in the Ngam Wong Wan area

The Bangkok Post reported that 49 people were arrested at the scene by immigration police who said they had been tipped off that a foreigner-run operation was at the location.

A total of 26 Chinese foreigners were arrested for illegal gambling as well as 23 Thais who worked at the casino.

The local police chief said that his department searched the hotel one month ago and no casino was found. He was said to be incredibly shocked at hearing what they discovered last week.

National police chief Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol declared an interest in the case, ordering his deputy to “investigate the case thoroughly” in the hope that the casino owner can be tracked down as they currently have no idea who it may be!

He also threatened repercussions against any officials who were found to be supporting the illegal gambling outfit.

The police team confiscated all of the casino equipment that included six baccarat tables and six slot machines along with 3.5 million baht (US$100,500).

The 26 arrested suspects all deny the charges, claiming that they were in the hotel food court seeking refreshment.

A Black Eye for Casino Legalisation

The latest raid comes at a sensitive time. The Thai government is pondering whether to introduce legalised entertainment complexes in tourist areas. News such as this only serves to turn those in the general population away from supporting the idea.

The integrated resorts will comprise all manner of facilities. Think 5-star hotel suites with the best shopping spots. The actual casino gaming floors won’t be permitted to cover more than 5% of the footprint if the plan goes ahead.

The outlook for this plan to become a reality is looking good, however. The current government and much of the population seems to accept that it will bring a significant economic benefit to the country.

And then there is the fact that many Thai nationals already travel to border towns where the profits benefit neighbouring countries.

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