Midway Poker Tour Payout Issues Continue

1 week ago
Midway Poker Tour Payout Issues Continue
18 Oct

Problems for Midway Poker Tour founder Daniel Bekavac continue to mount as not all issues with the payouts have yet been sorted.

We reported last week that Bekavac still owes many players who received most of their prize money in silver. The problem being that this metal cannot be traded back at the same value it was bought for, leaving the players short by as much as 30%.

With the top spot paying out over $55,000 this is a serious chunk of change missing.

Chad Holloway tweeted last Sunday the latest update on who is still left to get made whole.

To run the event Bekavac had to register the tournament as a charity through the Illinois Charitable Gaming Acts. Under their rules cash prizes cannot exceed $500 so the remainder was made up of physical silver.

Done a Runner?

Now the tournament website has been closed down and social media commenting has ceased for over one week.

After promising to make good on his payments “if he can”, Bekavac now appears to have gone to ground and nobody has any idea where he is.

This isn’t a good sign. Especially after allegations of previous shady business dealings have popped up in the comments on other articles covering this story.

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