Mike Dentale's Incredible Roulette Spin

2 years ago
Mike Dentale's Incredible Roulette Spin
10 Jul

‘I’d rather be lucky than good,’ goes the old saying, but the reality is, when you’ve got an edge in poker your real friends will keep you away from the table games. 

Still, when you’re a high-roller there’s no harm in throwing away a few bucks her or there on roulette if you think you’re getting your money’s worth for the 5.3% vig your getting hit for on a US wheel.

No one was there to keep Mike Dentale away from putting some of the $1.8 million he’s made in tournament poker on the Rio’s roulette wheel. There may be questions as to how he came by that money – Dentale has been in trouble before, having been accused of collusion and verbally abusing another player – but there was no doubt that Lady Luck was on his arm when he chucked $100 down on 35 black and then, on a whim, doubled his bet just before the table closed.

Joseph Jagger was the first person to really beat roulette. Collecting data on hundreds of wheels until he identified one with a mechanical defect which biased the wheel towards nine specific numbers. He is known as the guy who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

If you’re Mike Dentale you just follow your gut. 35 black came up and made him – at 35 to 1 odds$7,000 in about 2 minutes.

MBN, Mike.

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