Mike Matusow Claims Scott Ball Cheated Phil Hellmuth's Private Game Out Of $800K

1 year ago
Mike Matusow Claims Scott Ball Cheated Phil Hellmuth's Private Game Out Of $800K
26 Mar

A story that somehow slipped through our net a couple of months ago saw Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow claiming that former Head of Twitch TV poker, Scott Ball, cheated Phil Hellmuth’s private game for a staggering $800,000.

Among the serious allegations brought by Matusow are that Ball gambled away more than $1million of investors money, and also cheated a drunk ACR boss, Phil Nagy, for $270,000.

Matusow launched the extraordinary attack during episode 60 of his ‘The Mouthpiece’ podcast, entitled ‘Judgment Day’, describing Ball as a “scammer boy” and “a thief” who “has people ghosting his account.”

The story came to light after Matusow fell out with long-time friend Phil Hellmuth about the influence of Ball on the private game. Mike claimed:

“This guy was doing everything he could to destroy me, and destroy mine and Phil’s relationship, by making up things.”

Hellmuth eventually banned Matusow from the game because of his claims over Ball, but when the ‘truth’ of the matter finally surfaced, Mike says Phil didn’t want it to become public knowledge.

Ball, who goes by the nickname ‘Rumcakes’ online and is the former head of Twitch Poker ,and president of ‘Endgame Talent’, was also accused by Matusow of gambling away so much of his company’s money that he couldn’t afford to pay his staff.

Alleging that Ball threatened him with legal action if he made the claims public, Matusow stated on his podcast.

“I was so mad when all this came to light that I wanted to take a baseball bat over this guy’s head. How is he going to sue me when I got between 8 and 15 people that’ll verify the entire story?”

Allegedly Hellmuth’s friend, Markus Gonsalves, discovered that Scott was involved in ghosting and colluding, as well as the skimming of another $5k per week from the private highstakes game. The stakes of the game under Ball had gone from $5/$10/$20 with a $20k buy-in to stakes of $20/$40 with an $80k buy-in.

Meanwhile, Doug Polk added to the circumstantial case against Ball, revealing:

“I can’t say he scammed anyone but in my experience he is just a shitty, horrible person.”

Neither Scott Ball, nor Hellmuth, have publicly commented on the matter since the story first broke at the end of January.

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