Mike Matusow's New Podcast Will Reveal All!

8 months ago
Mike Matusow's New Podcast Will Reveal All!
16 May

Mike Matusow quite possibly has the biggest mouth in poker – it’s even his nickname! So, could there be a better choice out of all the old school faces to start up a podcast or a vlog? It’s unlikely.

The Mouth Tells All

Mike Matusow has been around the poker scene for a long time and has seen just about everything you can expect to see in this crazy world. He’s also been involved in a lot of crazy stuff himself. Conventional is not a word often used to describe Matusow.

From visits to gamblers anonymous in between episodes of busting his bankroll and spending his winnings on illicit drugs, life around Mike Matusow is certainly never dull

But even with all the distractions, he has still achieved an incredible amount of success over his 30-year career. Almost $10 million in live tournament winnings and four World Series of Poker gold bracelets show just how good a player he has consistently been.

It’s not all been roses though. The infamous “Matusow Blow Up” has been ever-present since we first saw him on our TV screens. Time and time again we have seen hours of patient, disciplined poker ruined by a moment of madness. Some of these inexplicable decisions have prevented Matusow from truly becoming one of the world’s elite players.

Only the positives are really our concern here though. Mike Matusow is a guy who will give us an entertaining podcast with interesting content week after week. He speaks his mind like nobody else we will be familiar with, which is a recipe for success.

As well as the weekly podcast, we can also look forward to his planned vlog over the entire WSOP. This is something we definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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