Negreanu Taunts Matusow Over Drug Abuse

5 years ago
Negreanu taunts Matusow
21 Jul

Elections, particularly ones as huge and important as the US Presidential one, tend to bring out the best and the worst in people – for Daniel Negreanu it was the worst which reared its ugly head this week in a Twitter confrontation with Mike Matusow, telling ‘the Mouth’ that he has a “fried brain from years of drug abuse”.

Negreanu’s attack, which has been met by a barrage of criticism from friends and foes alike, was sparked when Matusow re-tweeted fellow poker legend Erik Seidel’s post warning of a Trump victory ending civilization as we know it.

Matusow, a huge fan of Donald Trump, joked back…

And for some reason, Negreanu decided to smack down ‘the Mouth’, a man who has had very public issues with drugs and mental health issues for many years.

Negreanu’s less-than-sympathetic comment was met with a torrent of anger, many of his Twitter followers enraged by his spiteful retort.

Another tweet summed up the real reasons behind Negreanu’s nasty comment…

Matusow has been flooding his own Twitter feed for months now with anti-Clinton, anti-Obama, pro-Trump propaganda, a fact which Negreanu has obviously noted.

Negreanu, on the other hand, has been a staunch critic of Trump for some time now, even going so far as to take out US citizenship in order to vote against him in November’s elections.

On the day of the ceremony, Negreanu tweeted:

I don’t want to see race relations devolve in this country. I don’t want to see relations with Mexico hurt." He also stated on Twitter that: "I will continue to speak out against the violence and racist, bigoted, vitriol encourage by Donald Trump. This is serious. It’s not a joke.”

Matusow seemed to take Negreanu’s recent drugs dig to heart, tweeting:

A slightly older tweet from the Canadian, however, seems to make clear that Negreanu has given up the ghost as far as convincing others in the opposite political camp.

It’s far from unusual to see Negreanu embroiled in online controversy, his jokey, mild-mannered table demeanor much less evident when it comes to internet wars, such as his recent destruction of Chris ‘Jesus’ Fergusonhere and here.

Negreanu has also been accused of calling Doyle Brunson a racist recently on Twitter, although if he did in fact tweet something of the sort, the post seems to have disappeared or been deleted.

Whatever you may think of Mike Matusow, the general feeling is that Daniel Negreanu has taken things a step too far this time with his personal attack on a troubled man.

One response among hundreds made it clear where the general public view lies….

…while another put it more succinctly, and in modern poker parlance no less….

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