Mike Sexton Expresses His Concerns over WSOP

5 years ago
Mike Sexton Expresses His Concerns over WSOP
09 Mar

The name Mike Sexton is well-known to poker players and fans alike. As a player, World Poker Tour commentator, and Partypoker spokesman, Sexton has earned the respect of many. For these reasons, his recent blog entry criticizing some of the latest WSOP practices has attracted a lot of attention.

I loved the WSOP when it was at Binion’s and have admired how it has grown since Harrah’s took control in 2004. It has been remarkable to watch the transformation."

Sexton has been around the WSOP for a very long time - since 1984 - so his concerns are not motivated by any grievances against the Series and in his blog post he expresses his opinions as an old school player.

Despite admiring WSOP's constant efforts toward innovation and improvement, there are certain things that Sexton sees as disadvantageous to players and he felt the need to share his views publicly.

One of the matters that he is clearly bothered by the most is the introduction of the November Nine. Not every novelty has to be a good thing and in Sexton’s opinion the November Nine belongs in that (not good) category.

A few of the reasons he is against the entire concept include the fact that the WSOP keeps final table players’ money for four months, gives additional training time for some, while postponing the opportunity for those in shape and also running the risk that one of the players might not be able to return to play in four months time.

Although Sexton understands the reasons behind the decision to move the final table to November, he firmly believes that it would be in the players’ best interest if there was a break of only a couple of days before the start of the final table. A brief period for some rest, interviews, and so that friends and family can have time to come and rail the final nine players.

They’re attempting to strengthen their bottom line (which we all understand and appreciate), but in doing so, are diluting their product (i.e., the value of the bracelet)."

A WSOP bracelet is a dream for many players and, Sexton explains, while it makes sense for the WSOP to expand their offering of events, there is also a danger of watering down the value of a bracelet. This is especially true now that there are events in Europe and Australia that also award bracelets.

The dream should be kept alive, maintains Sexton, and the World Series should stay in line with tradition and not allow the value of a bracelet to eventually be destroyed.

Visit Mike Sexton’s blog page to check out his other thoughts and concerns in relation to the WSOP and perhaps get involved in a discussion.

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