Molly Bloom Finds New Purpose in Life After Poker Princess Role

9 months ago
Molly Bloom Finds New Purpose in Life After Poker Princess Role
10 Jan

Her tell-all book "Molly's Game" and the recently released film version written and directed by Aaron Sorkin are all the rage in poker circles these days, but what has Molly Bloom been up to lately?

Of course, when your life story makes it onto the silver screen, requests for interviews from the likes of the L.A. Times and Ellen DeGeneres are endless. Bloom has been accommodating in that regard, telling the world how she went to Hollywood looking for a one-year break from the cold and snow in Colorado and wound up hosting high stakes poker games for movie stars and celebrities.

When not plugging the book and movie, Bloom can be found back in Colorado. And while her days as a "Poker Princess" were mostly all about bringing men together for underground poker games, she has switched her focus to the needs of women.

Not to play poker, but for women to get together and make an impact in other ways.

"I built the most exclusive and decadent high profile club for powerful men," Bloom states on her new website, "Now, I'm opening doors for ambitious women so that we can connect, grow, and succeed together. "

In Full Bloom

The website appears to have a launch date of February 2 and prompts ladies to sign up now, joining Bloom in her journey to "do something that matters." While the details of accomplishing that goal are not entirely spelled out on her "Full Bloom" website, Molly was a bit more forthcoming in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres back in November.

"What I'm doing now is I know a lot about networking. I want to help women to be successful and I'm interested in localized co-working spaces for women 'cause I like building community around that, and also a social media interpretation that I'm working on right now."

Formerly an Olympic-class skier who had intentions of enrolling in law school before raking pots in high stakes poker games in L.A. and New York, Bloom needed a lawyer of her own when the feds came calling. Fortunately, the judge showed leniency, handing down a sentence of just one year probation, a $1,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

"I have a lot of lessons. I made a lot of mistakes," Bloom said, fully aware that she ended up a princess when she could have been a prisoner.

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