Molly's Game Director Aaron Sorkin Disses Televised Poker

1 year ago
Molly's Game Director Aaron Sorkin Disses Televised Poker
12 Jan


He made his directorial debut with the film "Molly's Game," telling the tale of Molly Bloom and her high stakes poker games, but that doesn't mean that Aaron Sorkin is a fan of poker - especially watching poker on TV.

In a recent piece published by "Rolling Stone," Sorkin stated that he is an avid watcher of ESPN programming, which means that WSOP action will land on his screen from time to time. But the famed screenwriter doesn't enjoy watching poker the way players and fans do.

"You can't help but trip over the World Series of Poker every so often," Sorkin said. "And it is the Worst. Spectator. Sport. Ever. I’ve tried watching a few minutes of it – even while I was writing [Molly's Game], which is when it would have been the most useful to me – and it's the exact opposite of 'You can't take your eyes off it.' You can’t keep your eyes ON IT!"

Those are some strong words from the 56-year-old who penned a number of popular and well-received films including "A Few Good Men," "Moneyball," and "The Social Network."


Change the Channel

Of course, if you're not into poker, either playing or as a fan, it's not hard to see how watching the game wouldn't be your cup of tea. Poker is not for everybody. But Sorkin's dislike for the game went even further when he said:

"I don't want any of these guys in their Member's Only jackets and bad sunglasses and backwards baseball caps to go home with any money. I'm not rooting for anybody. Is there a way the waitress can win instead?!"

It's now perfectly clear why Sorkin chose to focus on the life of Molly Bloom and relegate poker to the back seat while writing and directing the film. The man hates poker.

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