Motorist Drives Into Casino and Begins Gambling Before DUI Charge

3 years ago
Motorist Drives Into Casino and Begins Gambling Before DUI Charge
06 Jan

Drinking too much over the holidays is not uncommon for some, but what is a bit bizarre is over-imbibing, driving your car right into a casino, getting out, and attempting to gamble.

That was the scene at the Skagit Casino Resort in Bow, Washington between Christmas and New Years when a man who apparently had consumed too much alcohol did just that. The man, who remains unidentified, was charged with driving under the influence after cruising through the open doors of the casino in a 1992 Suzuki Swift, according to KIRO7 News.

He parked the car near a bank of slot machines and was intent on placing a few wagers, but law enforcement quickly ended the man's desired gambling session via preferred parking. Thankfully, no one was injured in the Dec. 27, 2017 incident and the casino suffered no damage, save for perhaps some tire tracks on the carpet.

A gambler on the scene was quick to take a few photos of the happenings on his cell phone and post them on Twitter. Local news outlets quickly picked up the story, with permission from the social media poster to use his photographs at their leisure.

Skagit Casino is about one hour north of Seattle by car and features more than 900 slot machines and table games. It's a tribal casino run by the Skagit Tribe and is one of more than four dozen casinos operating in the state of Washington.

The Suzuki apparently was a good fit through the casino's open doors, allowing the perp to drive right in without causing any structural damage to the casino. It is unknown if the wannabe gambler had as easy a time upon entering a jail cell following his DUI arrest.

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