Music For Winners Selected By Cate Hall

4 years ago
Music For Winners Selected By Cate Hall
05 Jun

Much to the chagrin of the old folks and social butterflies you’d be hard pushed to find a live poker table that doesn’t have someone’s head crammed between noise-cancelling clamshells or with buds jammed down their ear-holes to keep the proles from breaking their concentration and to ensure they have to ask what’s going on in a given hand every round.

Behind the iPod-smooth technology of the earphone are million different DJ’s self-curating a million different poker soundtracks

While listening to your Spotify playlist of just Pierce Brosnan’s songs from Mama Mia is a solitary affair – and should probably remain so especially when you sing along – sharing the pleasures of a good track, or explaining to a friend why they didn’t enjoy such-and-such a song as much as they thought they did, is a social pastime that we can all partake in.

Cate Hall has kicked us off with her poker playlist. She leans pretty heavily on the Avett Brothers and has nary a whiff nor shadow of my personal feel good staples Leonard Cohen and The Smiths. Although, Roo Panes who I have vague recollections of having attended the same school as did make her cut.

Of course she is not the only, nor the first, poker player to have given us a sneak peak behind the Walkman. The thread threw up some good recommendations but not enough by any stretch, so do help her out with some more.

What’s on your playlist? Let us know below.

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