NBA Star Dwayne Wade Lost Fortunes Playing Poker vs Teammates

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NBA Star Dwayne Wade Lost Fortunes Playing Poker vs Teammates
25 Nov

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The former Miami Heat star and future Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade admitted in an interview that he gambled a lot with his teammates during his NBA run. In fact, Wade said he lost so much money gambling that his financial advisor asked him if he had a gambling problem.

In a Men’s Health interview, Wade opened up about his best and his worst financial decisions. When asked the worst money he’s blown in his life, he explained how much money he lost gambling with his teammates.

He explained that although he didn’t frequent casinos, he and his teammates gambled a lot while traveling across the country.

“When you play sports, it’s like a right of passage that you have to play cards on the plane,” Wade said. “It’s a team thing, and I’ve lost a lot of money just trying to play with my teammates. There’s been times I wanted out because I was losing so much money.”
Wade went on to tell Men’s Health that his financial advisor expressed concern regarding his gambling habits due to how much he was losing.

“I was losing so much money, my financial advisor called me and said, ‘Hey is this something we need to talk about?” Wade said.
Wade was certainly a force to be reckoned with on the court, but not so much when he was playing cards.

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