Negreanu and Shak in Pro vs Amateur Twitter Spat

1 year ago
Negreanu and Shak in Pro vs Amateur Twitter Spat
21 Jul

Highstakes amateur Dan Shak and Daniel Negreanu are the latest stars to have a Twitter spat, this time the unlikely topic of big blind antes reason enough for some personal digs – Kid Poker the main culprit as he dismissed Shak’s arguments with a classic gif…

Shak - a hedgefund trading millionaire - is a staple of the highroller poker scene, but the amateur with deep pockets and over $10million in cashes wasn’t impressed with DNegs…

The pair have a bit of previous in the pros vs amateurs view on what is good for poker, unlimited re-entries the topic a few years ago, but for some reason Negreanu was in ultra-combative mood

The ‘Bye Felicia’ gif, for those who don’t know, comes from the 1995 movie Friday, starring legendary NWA rapper Ice Cube – now an Urban Dictionary phrase defined as a goodbye to ‘a random bitch that nobody is sad to see go’.

Well, if Dan has read that entry, it’s no wonder he took issue with Kid Poker’s dismissal of him and his big blind argument – likening the former PokerStars ambassador to Shaun Deeb, another player who could start an argument in an empty house.

The discussion, minus Shak for now at least, got back on course – Rob Yong and Matt Savage among those adding their expertise to the debate at hand, but the Shak v DNegs ‘handbags at dawn’ may yet resurface!

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