Negreanu Calls Out Ingram HU4Rollz Over PokerTube Article

4 years ago
Negreanu Calls Out Ingram HU4Rollz
23 Mar


Daniel Negreanu was apparently a bit perturbed when Joey Ingram called him an "amateur"Pot Limit Omaha player.

KidPoker, as we all know, has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and is the all-time winningest tournament player on the planet, money-wise. His resume and standing in the world of poker speaks for itself - at least it should to most.

But Ingram, the popular podcaster and PLO expert, seemingly doesn't have much respect for Negreanu's PLO game. And he said so when analyzing a hand between DNegs and Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky, and again when breaking down a hand between Negreanu and Sam Trickett.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

PokerTube published an article detailing Ingram’s insults directed at the Poker Hall of Famer and sent a tweet Daniel’s way pointing him to the article. Negreanu tweeted a retort of his own in which he was willing to place wagers that he has won more money playing PLO than the so-called PLO professionals – save for 0.1% of them, a percentage that would likely translate into one, maybe two, players.

That prompted a response from ChicagoJoey, who seemed to backpedal just a wee bit, claiming that “amateur” PLO players can and do win a lot of money sometimes. Ingram also didn’t miss an opportunity to use the words “Pot Limit Omaha” and “great game” in the same sentence, which he has done umpteen times in his self-appointed role as PLO’s biggest promoter.

That led to a challenge from Negreanu to play PLO heads-up against Ingram to settle the score, a grudge match that will see some of the proceeds donated to charity. DNegs obviously feels that it’s time to make Papi eat his words – that “amateur” word in particular – regarding his PLO skill level.

Ingram accepted the challenge, suggesting that Poker Central make the proper arrangements. Poker Central dutifully agreed and we now have a Pot Limit Omaha HU4Rollz between Negreanu and Ingram with a time and place to be revealed at a later date.

More Fodder for Daniel

The original PokerTube article that led to this grudge match focused mostly on Joey calling KidPoker an amateur PLO player in the video in which Ingram broke down a hand between Negreanu and Sulsky – a hand that Daniel won, I might add.

Briefly mentioned was a second YouTube video that found Ingram analyzing a hand between Negreanu and Sam Trickett, which Negreanu lost. Although ChicagoJoey doesn’t use the word “amateur” in describing KidPoker and his PLO play in the Trickett match, he does question Negreanu’s decision-making process on numerous occasions.

In case Daniel needs more incentive for the grudge match, he can remember the following comments from Ingram:

“You’re often going to get No Limit Hold’em players, tournament players, cash game players, over-playing Pot Limit Omaha and often times they’re going to be making some mistakes and they don’t even realize that they’re making mistakes,” Ingram said, in reference to Negreanu.

Joey questions Daniel’s decision to even play the hand that he’s been dealt and then lays into him even more on the turn:

“When you’re not an experienced PLO player, you’re not going to be sure exactly what to do,” Joey stated, bolstering his previous claims that predominantly NLHE tournament players such as Negreanu have a tendency to “compound” mistakes on later streets after going along for the ride pre-flop.

If you missed the Negreanu/Trickett video in the article that resulted in the grudge match, here it is again.

Do you agree with Joey that Daniel is inexperienced at PLO? Or does the Poker Hall of Famer play a number of variants exceptionally well, including Pot Limit Omaha?

Who will win the grudge match?

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