Joeingram1 "ChicagoJoey"

Joseph Ingram AKA Joeingram1 AKA ChicagoJoey is a professional high stakes online poker player and personality.

Prop Bets

He's most famous for his outgoing charismatic personality, not to mention his whacky and wild prop bets. These include playing 50k hands in 20 hours on Pokerstars (For a $30k win) in 2009. In September 2014, he bet $16k that he could go from 3k Play Chips to 20Million Play Chips in 24 hours. After getting up to 11Million he got all in with AK and lost versus AA, losing the $16k bet.


Joey is also popular for his podcast interviews, in which he interviews poker players in a live, unedited setting, often getting them out of their comfort zone and revealing some insightful parts of their lives. You can watch all of his podcasts below.

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Poker Life Podcast With JNandez87 & Joeingram1

PLO pro and Upswing poker coach JNandez87 joins Joeingram1 on his latest Poker Life Podcast! Fernando talks about his fear of...

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Poker Life Podcast With Guest Ongun Yagci aka WayneDaBang

Ongun Yagci aka WayneDaBang joins Joeingram1 on this weeks Poker Life Podcast! An up and coming tournament player Yagci talks...

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Want To Be A Poker Pro? Stop Lying To Yourself!

In a recent Joeingram1 podcast Lex Veldhuis reveals the top asset any poker players must have: Honesty! Sponsored by PokerSta...

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PokerLife Podcast - With Guest Steve Ruddock

Steve Ruddock from PokerGaming joins Joeingram1 aka ChicagoJoey on the latest edition of the PokerLife Podcast to discuss online p...

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Robbie Strazynski with Joey Ingram

Robbie Strazynski from sits down for a chat with Joey Ingram AKA ChicagoJoey.

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Daniel Negreanu on recent Pokerstars VIP changes

Daniel Negreanu joins JoeIngram1 on his YouTube podcast to discuss the latest changes that Pokerstars have made to their VIP progr...

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Joeingram1 Poker Life Podcast - Timex #2

The second poker life podcast chat with Mike McDonald aka Timex. Undisputedly one of the most talented (if not the most) MTT playe...

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Guest Ben86 aka Ben Tollerene - Poker Life Podcast

Ben Tollerene aka Ben86 - the hugely successful high stakes cash game player - Is back in this episode of JoeIngram's poker life p...

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Luke Schwartz aka Fullflush 2015 - With JoeIngram1

Luke Schwartz is an English professional poker player was predominantly famous a few years ago for his intense trash-talking in th...

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Poker girl dancing with Chicago Joey

Gorgeous Gamer dances with Joe Ingram aka Chicago Joey.

Chicagojoey Looking for a Woman to Increase PLO Exposure

Chicagojoey Looking for a Woman to Increase PLO Exposure

Another YaAarny Propbet in the Making

Big:N;ot so long ago, we've talked about 'YaAarny's' propbet which, unfortunately, did not finish as he had hoped, but he still provided all of us with a lot of entertainment. When it was all said