Negreanu Good At PLO? Joeingram1 Analyzes His Play!

4 years ago
Negreanu Good At PLO? Joeingram1 Analyzes His Play!
27 Apr

Pot Limit Omaha has been gaining popularity among poker players as of late so it's excellent to see more YouTube videos that focus on improving your PLO game, especially from the likes of Daniel Negreanu.

One of the reasons for the rise in action at PLO tables can be attributed to the fact that its becoming increasingly more difficult to beat No Limit Hold'em as players continue to improve. It therefore makes sense to search for new areas at which to profit and some players are finding PLO fits the bill.

KidPoker has been busily working on a "How to" series of instructional videos for his 71K YouTube channel subscribers and has included the game of PLO among the lot. His recently released video first spells out the rudimentary aspects of PLO that require using precisely two cards from your hand and three from the board before DNegs transitions to describing the best hands to play.

He's No Amateur

Let's also make one thing perfectly clear. Negreanu is NOT an amateur when it comes to Pot Limit Omaha, despite previous comments from Joey Ingram that discounted the Poker Hall of Famer's PLO prowess. Of course, Daniel plays more No Limit Hold'em, but as is the case with many established poker pros, DNegs' knowledge at a number of poker variants rises far above the pack.

In the "How to Play PLO" video, KidPoker mentions how position is even more important than in NLHE, going so far as to use the phrase "position-dependent" in reference to the game. Position should be used unsparingly in PLO "as leverage and pressure to force your opponents off hands," Negreanu stated.

Looser Play

Also touched upon by DNegs is the matter of getting three-bet by other players, a situation that might cause you to fold in No Limit Hold'em. Not so in PLO, where an opponent's re-raise shouldn't necessarily be reason to give up on the hand.

"If it's good enough to raise, it's good enough to call," Daniel explains.

That is especially true while in favorable position such as on the button. Folding to an opponent's three-bet over your raise would almost never be the correct play in such a scenario that finds you having the advantage of acting last.

KidPoker in Action

Free advice from poker's all-time winningest tournament player should not be missed by those players aiming to achieve success at the tables, whether Negreanu is dispensing tips on NLHE, PLO, or any poker variant for that matter.

Take a look at the video below as Daniel plays a PLO hand versus Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky. The commentary and hand breakdown is courtesy of ChicagoJoey.

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