Negreanu Reveals his Poker Room Setup for Polk Grudge Match!

3 weeks ago
Negreanu Reveals his Poker Room Setup for Polk Grudge Match!
08 Nov

Daniel Negreanu has revealed his hi-tech setup for playing the Grudge Match versus Doug Polk, with a ‘space chair’ for comfort and an iPad back-up in case of internet woes!

Negreanu’s poker room also includes two cameras to monitor what exactly is going on in the room, with Polk doing the same to allay any concerns about cheating or inappropriate accessing of help.

That is designed to cover rule 4 on their list, which states ‘No HUDs or hand trackers may be used’ as they get set to start the online ‘portion’ of their match. There was no mention of old-school calculators, though, as many joked after watching Kid Poker’s tour of his pokeroom.

The pair battled out the first 200 hands of their anticipated 25,000 hand match live a couple of days ago, Negreanu emerging $117,000 ahead after an enthralling see-saw affair.

Negreanu and Polk managed to keep things friendly, a stark contrast to the past few years of public abuse and bickering that finally brought this match about.

Both men have deposited $1million each on, with the $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em battle set for at least 12,500 hands across two tables simultaneously, the loser at that point allowed to ask for another 12,500 or instead cut their losses and quit.

The heavy betting has so far been on Negreanu at about 4-1 odds, although whether that is an accurate price is yet to be seen. Polk has also been heavily backed, his world-class experience in the heads-up format considered by many to be the key factor.

Back to Negreanu’s poker room and the worry that his internet might fail – having done so three nights in a row – could see DNegs running with his iPad to the nearest neighbour, café, or more likely with coronavirus on the prowl, a hotspot back-up!

It wouldn’t be the first time such a thing has happened, this summer’s online WSOP seeing Ryan DePaulo bagging a gold bracelet and $160,000 from the parking lot of a Whole Foods store at 5am in the morning

We’ll be bringing you all the best stories from the Negreanu-Polk Grudge Match of the Century as they happen, so remember to check in!

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