New Gambling Trends in 2021

3 years ago
New Gambling Trends in 2021
16 Dec

The gambling industry has changed a lot over recent years. What people bet on; how they place their bets; and even the type of currency they use. 

The last two decades have seen the casino sector move online and begin to dominate the brick-and-mortar side. This is particularly true in the UK. When the bosses at New Casino Star asked their resident expert Katie Johnson to provide a new list of new casino sites for 2021, it was shocking just how many new platforms are appearing on an almost daily basis.

There are countless more new online casinos 2021 for UK players on the way. Thousands of new and fresh games are ready to entertain us.

But what else has changed recently? What trends are driving change for gamblers these days?

New Trends

Mobile gaming has to be the biggest change. Ever since the 80’s modern society has changed into a fast-paced race where everything is done on the move. With more than four billion people now owning a smartphone it is easy to see why online casinos are flourishing today.

Internet connections are now faster than the average user needs and much more reliable than the early broadband days. All that was needed until recently was the casinos to produce mobile apps that were up to the job. The smaller screens mostly require some fine tuning from what is usually displayed on a full-size PC monitor.

Cryptocurrency is arguably a societal trend rather than just a gambling one. The likes of Bitcoin allow for great privacy as well as making it easy to switch between currencies on different platforms.

It’s not just a plus for the customer too. Online casinos pay a fortune in banking transactions that  makes a heavy dent in their bottom line. Being able to deal in cryptocurrencies saves a considerable amount that can be passed back onto the punter. This means better bonuses and games that payout much more generously.

Esports is another big change that hit the gambling industry recently. The rise of streamers on Twitch has turned regular video gamers into stars. Regular competitions build huge betting markets that didn’t exist only a few years ago.

A trend that is only just beginning to make itself known is that of virtual reality. Live dealer games are popular but there is nothing like feeling you are actually there from the comfort of your living room.

The hardware is proving to be a difficult beast to tame. There always seems to be issues with getting a cheap product that produces high-quality images on a standard home computer, but it is coming, and possibly in 2021.

And finally, one trend that we will almost certainly see in 2021 is the return of luxury holidays to Las Vegas. Who isn’t looking forward to the chance of a bit of this?

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