OJ Simpson Gets Lifetime Ban from Cosmopolitan Casino

1 year ago
OJ Simpson Gets Lifetime Ban from Cosmopolitan Casino
13 Nov

OJ Simpson’s new found freedom to roam where he may will no longer include the Cosmopolitan Casino after the American footballing legend, accused murderer and convicted armed robber was banned for life from the Vegas casino for allegedly acting ‘unruly’, thrown out by security amid claims he had broken his parole by being under the influence of alcohol.

Simpson, whose murder case back in 1995 was dubbed ‘The trial of the Century’ by the media after he was accused of stabbing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman to death, has only recently been released for good behaviour from a 9-31 years stretch from the Lovelock Correctional Centre in northern Nevada.

He almost immediately returned to Vegas, the scene of his eventual downfall after he turned up armed and broke into a sports memorabilia collector’s hotel room in 2007 to retrieve what he claimed were his items. Simpson was sentenced the following year and has since spent 9 years in jail.

The celebrity-stalking magazine TMZ had been following Simpson since his release early in October and according to reporters who interviewed staff at the Cosmopolitan Casino and Hotel, Simpson was ‘drunk and acting unruly at Clique, an upscale bar’ according to Cardplayer magazine… and was removed from the venue by security staff.

The larger than life character – now 70 years old – wasn’t exactly keeping a low-profile on his Vegas night out, one casino-goer tweeting…

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, denied these claims – stating that Simpson ‘wasn’t intoxicated or belligerent’ and was unsure why he had received the lifetime ban, adding that Simpson contacted his parole officer the following day and ‘submitted to a drug and alcohol test, which he passed’.

According to TMZ, however, ‘at around midnight last night, Simpson was drunk and became disruptive at the Clique bar. We're told Simpson was angry at hotel staff and glasses broke at the bar’, something which could have serious consequences for the convicted felon – his parole dependent on keeping out of trouble and refraining from being intoxicated. 

TMZ described the end to his evening by saying: ‘Security showed up and removed Simpson from the hotel. We're told Simpson was nice to responding security guards. Still, we're told he's been permanently banned from the Cosmopolitan.’ 

Apparently OJ was ‘livid’ at the TMZ story, the magazine running a follow-up piece which stated: ‘Simpson was leaving his lawyer's office Friday when he bristled at the story, saying it was totally untrue.  He claims nothing happened, but doesn't explain why the hotel would have banned him for life. We're told he had been frequenting bars at the Cosmo since his release from prison.’

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